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The Parables of Jesus

The Parables of Jesus

Some of Jesus' best-known teaching comes in the form of the parables he used.


In Ephesians 4-5, Paul instructs the believers how they can grow to become the mature body o

Reformation: 500 Years

Reformation: 500 Years

Approaching the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 Theses, this five week seri

Jesus Began to Preach

The Beginning of Jesus' Ministry: John the Baptist, Jesus' Baptism & Temptation, and the Serm

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk with God

Micah wrote to God's people with a strong warning that God wanted to see their society living wit

All to Jesus I Surrender

Scripture teaches that everything we own & are belongs to God.

Standing Firm 1 Peter

Standing Firm in a Hostile World

The Apostle Peter writes to encourage a church who's outcast & even persecuted in the Roman E

A Big Fish & an Ocean of Grace

A prophet who runs from God, a fish that obeys God's command, and a whole city that turns f

Wisdom Calls: A Study of Proverbs

Wisdom Calls

The Bible has plenty to say about how to live in wisdom, avoiding the pitfalls and potholes along

Famous Last Words

In the last of Paul's New Testament writings, he lets his friend Timothy know about his likely co

The King in a Manger

The King in a Manger

We explore the first two chapters of Matthew's gospel, which introduces Jesus as the Messiah of I

Exodus: The Lord Is a Warrior Sermon Series

The Lord Is a Warrior

The book of Exodus contains some of the most memorable stories in all the Old Testament.

Galatians Series: Defining & Defending the Gospel of Grace

Defining & Defending the Gospel of Grace

In Paul's earliest letter, to the churches in the region of Galatia, the gospel of Jesus Christ i

Redemption in the Songs of Christmas Sermon Series

Redemption in the Songs of Christmas

Few things remind us of the Christmas season so well as the songs we hear and sing during this ti

Created to Worship Sermon Series

Created to Worship

What or who we worship is the most important thing about us.

Waiting for Our Redeemer: The Book of Ruth

Waiting for Our Redeemer

Listen and savor the kindness of God shown to an ordinary family back in the days of Israel's jud

When Light Invaded The Darkness

After a lifetime of reflection, one of Jesus' closest friends and followers set out to tell

New Song Fellowship Messages

These are messages from some of our members and guest speakers, or special occasion sermons that

One God, Three Persons: Trinity

The Gospel-Centered Life

The good news of the death, resurrection, and exaltation of Jesus Christ is the center of all God