A Big Fish & an Ocean of Grace

A Big Fish & an Ocean of Grace

A prophet who runs from God, a fish that obeys God's command, and a whole city that turns from sin and worships the Lord. This vivid account shows the matchless depth of God's patience, grace, and his desire to forgive.


Even Fast People Can't Outrun God

Jonah 1:0 (ESV) Read... - Brent Hobbs

October 13, 2013


Food for Seafood

Jonah 2:0 (ESV) Read... - Brent Hobbs

October 20, 2013


Let's Try This Again

Jonah 3:0 (ESV) Read... - Brent Hobbs

October 27, 2013


I Love My Leafy Plant

Jonah 4:0 (ESV) Read... - Brent Hobbs

November 3, 2013