The Parables of Jesus

The Parables of Jesus

Some of Jesus' best-known teaching comes in the form of the parables he used. The Prodigal Son, The Good Samaritan, The Sower and the Soils, and others. We'll dive deep in understanding these parables and what they mean for us today.

The Parables of Jesus


The Sower, Soils, and the Meaning of Parables

Mark 4:1-20 (NIV) Read... - Brent Hobbs

August 18, 2019


The Workers in the Vineyard and God's Uncalculating Grace

Matthew 20:1-16 (NIV) Read... - Brent Hobbs

August 25, 2019


The Weeds and Why We Leave Them Alone

Matthew 13:24-43 (NIV) Read... - Brent Hobbs

September 1, 2019


The Good Samaritan and Who Is My Neighbor

Luke 10:25-37 (NIV) Read... - Brent Hobbs

September 8, 2019